How Confidence Can Help You Nail That Listing Presentation

June 19, 2019

When you walk into a listing appointment with confidence, you instill confidence in the homeowner that you’re up to the job. Kase Ellers, president of brand development at Mainframe Real Estate, writes in a recent column at that confidence is key in being triumphant in a listing presentation, whether you’re already a top producer or a new agent just starting out.

And after years working in real estate, Ellers has broken that confidence down into a formula on how you can show just the right amount to make clients want to work with you. Here are a few of his insights:

Show up professional.

“The more nicely you dress, the more credible you’ll seem and, typically, the better you feel about yourself,” Ellers writes at (Read more: Dress How Your Clients Would)

Ellers suggests coming up with a “success persona” until you get comfortable giving listing presentations. For instance, he became “Kase, the successful REALTOR®” and gave himself a talk that helped him feel confident heading into presentations. “I’m not saying to be disingenuous, but there is nothing wrong with playing the part until you build the natural confidence that comes in time,” he says.

Do a prelisting phone call as homework.

Understand better who your customer is before you show up at a listing presentation. “The more you know in advance, the more comfortable you'll feel,” he writes. For example, he suggests learning their occupation and what they do, which could provide you some insight into your approach. For example, if they’re an engineer, you might assume they’re data-driven and you need to be ready to talk numbers. An attorney may want to dwell more on the ins and outs of a listing contract, he suggests. By learning more about your customer, you’ll be more confident in how to best serve them.

Show yourself a hyperlocal expert.

Know the area and neighborhood of the homeowner very well. Do some additional prep work: Drive through the neighborhood and surrounding area in advance and study every photo you find on the MLS for that area, he suggests. “Sellers expect you to know the neighborhood. It will help you earn their trust and show them you’re prepared,” Ellers writes.

Show off your marketing chops.

Come to listing appointments with a custom marketing plan for the home and outline what you will do to sell it. Beyond a comparative market analysis, bring photography examples of past listings or postcards. Ellers also brings a 79-point outline to his listing presentations. He will bring recommendations from past clients that help give the sellers confidence and show off his “proofs of sale.” He also brings either digital or printed content that advertises his recent sales in an area.

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