A $1.25M Home—With No Front Door

June 24, 2019

An unusual property called the “Haus Gables” in Atlanta has hit the market—but potential buyers will have to figure out how to get inside: The home is missing a front door.

Haus Gables

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The 2,200-square-foot structure, designed by architect Jennifer Bonner, is a geometric home constructed with cross-laminated timber technology, which is a strong wood material produced by piecing together large slats of glued wood in alternate directions. The signature of the home is its cluster of six gable roofs that are combined to form a single roof, creating distinct layouts and ceiling shapes throughout the home’s interior. The home, built in 2018, was part of short-term rental company Above the Line Properties’ portfolio. “It’s a polarizing home, but it’s garnered national attention and has been nominated for five architectural awards,” Kristy Regan of Harry Norman REALTORS® told Curbed. “Love it or hate it, it’s the most unique house in Atlanta.”

Potential buyers just need to find a way inside. (Hint: You can enter through the garage or a door at the back of the house.)