Is ‘Modern’ Overused in Property Descriptions?

July 9, 2019

The word “modern” is often used in property descriptions, but it may be confusing potential buyers, according to a new article at Apartment Therapy.

The term has different meanings to different buyers, Paul Maranger and Christian Vernast of Sotheby’s International Realty Canada told Apartment Therapy. After all, the description of a “bright and modern” kitchen can still be used to describe a 1985 European-style kitchen if it still meets current needs, they note.

“Modern” does not always mean updated, new, or renovated, real estate pros say. In a historical home, it could imply the home’s historical integrity has been preserved and systems are still up to date.

“But if a listing says, ‘All appliances are modern,’ what would that really convey to buyers?” Mary Hall Mayer of Warburg Realty in New York City told Apartment Therapy. “Appliances that are 15 years old or two years old? Listing copy has to be more specific and detailed.”

“Modern” could also convey to some buyers that the home lacks character and charm, adds Charles Narwold of REAL New York. “I generally find that when it comes to new development rental buildings, ‘modern’ can often mean cookie-cutter,” he says.

The bottom line: Choose your listing words wisely and provide detail when it’s needed. Here are some more tips to help you make your property descriptions that much stronger:

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