Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Google’s New Social Network

July 16, 2019

Google+ may have shuttered, but that hasn’t stopped the online giant from wanting to take another shot at capturing the social media space. Google is piloting a new app called Shoelace, which it says will take a different path than other social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

Shoelace will not be focused on posting photos, videos, and updates. Instead, it will be designed to connect with others who have shared interests and meet up with in-person activities. Users can list their interests on the site, and the social network will then recommend local activities called “Loops” based on those interests.

In real estate, it could provide a place to connect with local residents who are interested on the topics of real estate and housing. You could potentially promote your real estate–related seminars or events. A map interface will also allow others to RSVP to your “Loops.”

Shoelace will first be available only on mobile with Android and iOS versions. It’s currently invite-only and has launched in New York so far. Google intends to roll it out in phases across the country; those interested in testing it out can complete this form.