‘You’re Darned Tootin’ I Can Sell Your House’

July 17, 2019

“You’re darned tootin’ I can sell your house,” reads the ad from real estate Michaelle Warner in an imitation of the 1996 North Dakota winter movie “Fargo.” Warner is dressed as the main character in the ad, sporting a classic police bomber leather jacket with sheriff badges and fleece ear-flapped hat as she imitates the look of Frances McDormand’s character in the film.

A real estate parody of the movie "Fargo"

© Michaelle Warner

Warner has taken her love for films and used them to spoof ’90s movies as she promotes her real estate business. She’ll dress up as the characters and mix it with an in-character real estate slogan.

The ads debuted last fall. Her very first mailer to clients spoofed the 1999 hit movie “American Beauty” and the scene with actress Mena Suvari lying in a bed of rose petals. Warner assumes the same pose wearing a gold blazer next to the tagline “Looking for your American beauty?”

A real estate parody of the movie "American Beauty"

© Michaelle Warner


“The most important thing in real estate is keeping yourself in people’s minds,” Warner with Walton Jones, REALTORS®, Inc. in Louisville, Ky., told Louisville Magazine about her ad campaign. Her ads certainly are creating a memorable splash on social media too.

Warner isn’t yet revealing what her third ’90s flick-inspired ad will be. She says the next one will debut later this summer. She’ll only reveal it’ll be “another iconic ’90s movie--with a fun dress up!”

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