3 Suspects Now Charged in Connection With Utah Agent’s Death

August 21, 2019

A woman is now the third person to be charged in the shooting death earlier this year of a Salt Lake City real estate agent, which centered on a dispute about missed rental payments.

Jessica Louise Miller, 38, was charged Monday in connection with the death of David Stokoe, 40, who was managing a rental property. Miller has been charged with obstructing justice, identity fraud, abuse or desecration of a dead body, and forgery.

On Jan. 18, Stokoe, who worked with RANLife Real Estate in Sandy, Utah, had been reported missing after he went to talk to tenants about missed payments for an apartment he owned. Police went to the apartment to investigate his whereabouts. They found Stokoe’s body, partially wrapped in a sheet and a blanket, hidden inside a crawl space. Police also discovered blood throughout the home. They found an empty package of latex gloves, which they were able to trace back to being purchased at a WinCo store. Surveillance video at the store showed the gloves were purchased by Miller, Diana Hernandez, and Manuel Velasquez, all of whom have now been in charged in connection with Stokoe’s death.

Velasquez and Miller rented an upstairs apartment in the home from Stokoe. Stokoe’s real estate company told police that there were problems with the tenants not paying rent and that more people were living in the apartment than originally agreed upon.

While in police custody, Velasquez allegedly told police that Miller and Stokoe had been arguing through text messages about the rent. When Stokoe arrived at the apartment, they allegedly continued to argue. In charging documents, Velasquez is reported as telling police that he shot Stokoe three to four times during the argument.

Hernandez, the other woman charged, helped the couple move items from the house following Stokoe’s death. In June, Hernandez was convicted of obstructing justice and sentenced to a year in jail.

Stokoe was shot four times, according to the autopsy.