Agent Helps Fuel ‘Rage Room’ Trend

August 22, 2019

Maybe after having a stressful day, you want to release some of that tension. Enter the “rage room,” a new trend where you can slam a sledge hammer into a kitchen cabinet or ceramic dish. Rage rooms—described by some as a grown-up way to have a tantrum—are popping up across the country. One of the newest rooms to open has a real estate pro behind it.

“It’s less about anger and more just about things that you’re not supposed to do that you can now do,” says Alexis Hassley, one of the co-owners of the new “ABQ Rage Room” opening in Albuquerque. Hassley, a real estate pro in the area, teamed with other local entrepreneurs to bring the rage room business to the area.

Rage rooms offer a safe place where you can pay money to smash things.

The Albuquerque rage room is lined with plywood inside a small office space. There, you can throw a plate across the room, take a hammer to an old fax machine, or use everything from metal pipes to sledgehammers for breaking dishes, electronics, furniture, and more.

The first rage room reportedly opened in Japan in 2008, and they’ve spread globally ever since. USA Today reports that “hundreds” of rage rooms have popped up in the U.S. The cost to smash things varies, anywhere from $15 as a BYOB package to $95 for a “couples therapy” package in New York City. In Los Angeles, you can pay up to $300 to smash more than 100 items.

“So you have an anxious consumer who needs to let off some steam, and this provides an experience for them,” Maxwell Luthy, director of trends and insights at TrendWatching, told USA Today on an article about rage rooms last year. “This is more substantial than a unicorn frappuccino.”

Rage rooms aren’t just for anger management. Vantroy Greene, who opened a rage room called House of Purge in Charlotte, N.C., last year told USA Today that for some it’s a way to relax. “I feel like there’s a lot of people who need an outlet from family stress or just the stress of life,” Greene told USA Today. “There’s a lot of people who work out every day or pray or meditate, but you might like to break stuff. That first time you smash a bottle, you’ll just get it.”


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