Real Estate Pros on Alert After Camera Captures Attack on Agent

September 25, 2019

Los Angeles police are investigating an attack on a real estate agent in Encino this weekend at an open house that was  recorded on a home’s surveillance camera. A man can be seen abruptly pushing a real estate agent standing outside the front door onto a ground as she screams.

On Sunday, an agent, who has chosen not to be identified publicly, was holding an open house for a property in Encino, Calif. The agent walked outside of the home when a male visitor—who she recognized from a previous open house—had been acting suspiciously and was trying to lure her into a back room inside the home. The man then followed her outside.

The agent can be heard on the surveillance video telling the man at the front door outside: “You saw the house. You’re done. That’s it.”

The man glances up at the security camera. He shakes the agent’s hand, but then suddenly pushes her backwards off the front porch and into nearby bushes.

“I’m not really sure what I did,” the woman tells NBC Los Angeles. “I just remember yelling loudly for help.”

The man ran off after the agent screamed. The agent told NBC that she has bruises and abrasions to her knee and injured her back in the fall.

The agent had remembered seeing the man at an open house she held for the same house a week earlier. At that time, she recalls him asking her to check something on the plumbing for the washer and dryer, and she said he had suddenly reached down and physically lifted her up at that time.

The man had returned to the open house this weekend, just minutes after a second agent had left. The man was repeatedly trying to get her to return inside to inspect something or asking her to get him water.

Real estate pros in the area are being warned to be on guard. “You wouldn’t imagine something like this would happen in daylight, especially when a camera is recording,” Bob Siegmeth, a broker with a local Keller Williams team. Siegmeth says a self-defense instructor will be attending a staff meeting this week at his office to train real estate pros on safety tactics.

"I think the big thing is to educate our agents and make sure they know what's going on," he says.

Police are searching for the man and investigating the case as a battery. The surveillance video has been playing on local media. The man signed in as “Tom” on the open house sign-in sheet. The agent described him as a man in his 40s who is cross-eyed.