Police Arrest Suspect in Open House Attack on Agent

September 26, 2019

Police have arrested a suspect following the release of a surveillance video that showed a man in Encino, Calif., violently shoving a real estate agent at an open house on Sunday. The man in custody is also under investigation for sexual battery of multiple other women, police say. The suspect has an “intellectual disability,” the family told reporters.

A surveillance video recorded during an open house this past weekend and played by local media outlets has put other real estate professionals on alert. The video shows an open house visitor shoving a female real estate agent to the ground. The man looks up at the surveillance camera prior to pushing the agent to the ground. He fled after the woman screamed.

Police have arrested Alen Karaboghosian, 45, in connection with Sunday’s attack. Karaboghosian’s parents told media outlets that their son did not intend to harm the woman. They told police the man’s “intellectual disability” can sometimes affect his interactions with people.

Karaboghosian has been booked for assault with a deadly weapon (described as his bodily force). He is being held on a $130,000 bond. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office is still trying to decide whether to file formal charges against the man. “Intellectual disability can be basis for a defense of diminished capacity,” NBC Los Angeles reports.

Two other real estate agents have since come forward saying they recognize the man in the video. They allege that the same man groped them while they were holding open houses in Encino in February and in June.

One agent, who asked to remain anonymous, told reporters that her encounter with the suspect occurred before Father’s Day at an open house that was a few blocks from Sunday’s attack. She says the man was talking about being a cabinet maker, but then started to ask the agent personal questions. She says she started to feel uncomfortable and so moved toward the front door. “That’s when he tried to hug me,” she told NBC Los Angeles. She says she pushed him away and he grabbed her breast and ran off.