Brokerage Launches Its Own Signature Scent

October 15, 2019

Long & Foster Real Estate wants clients to remember its special smell.

Retailers have been embracing scent marketing and creating signature scents to help customers better connect and recall their brands. Long and Foster decided to follow suit. Its signature home fragrance, LF68, will be available to its agents as well as for sale to the public online or through the company’s offices.

“Interest in ambient scenting has increased exponentially in recent years for hospitality and retail brands as research reveals that scent memory is stronger than visual,” the company notes on a release. “Long & Foster saw a unique opportunity, and natural connection between scent and home, to develop a signature fragrance to complement its array of innovative marketing tools, technology and offerings—using scent to help its customers realize their true meaning of home.”

Long & Foster worked with a French fragrance house, MANE, to create its company scent.

“Creating an olfactive experience through brand expression was something we had been thinking about for some time,” says Elena Solovyov, Long & Foster’s director of marketing. “LF68 showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of creative marketing in the real estate space. It’s sophisticated and elegant, reflective of our brand, and an incredibly modern form of experiential marketing that no one in the residential marketplace is doing.”

The fragrance has notes of champagne rose, lavender leaves, rhubarb, and subtle profiles of lemon to convey cleanliness.

“Emotions are a major factor in the real estate experience,” Solovyov says. “A bespoke home fragrance allows us to tap into those emotions and help our customers experience their perfect home and create lasting memories.”