3 Things to Spot During a Final Walkthrough

November 26, 2019

The final walkthrough is usually one of the last steps in purchasing a new home. This is also the time when buyers and their agents must have a watchful eye as they check on the condition of the property before they head to closing and make everything official.

Check systems one last time.

A home inspector may have already been in to assess the property. But the final walkthrough is also a time for buyers and agents to run the heating and air conditioning, turn on and off lights, and test all major appliances. They might also want to flush all the toilets and check for leaks.

Verify work has been done to satisfaction.

Buyers will want to check that any agreed repairs that had already been negotiated have been completed. Bring their agreement of sale and inspection reports. Also, they’ll want to make sure any fixtures that were supposed to be left behind are still there. This can be a common last-minute hang up in real estate dealings, when items that buyers were expecting to see left behind are not.

Make a list of questions.

Buyers will want to take plenty of time to do their final walkthrough. Forbes.com columnist Tara Mastroeni suggests making a list of questions about how the home’s systems work or anything else pertaining tot he home. Before they sign at settlement, they’ll want to get those questions answered.

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