Top 8 Destinations for Winter Vacation Home Buyers

December 9, 2019

Vermont may offer some of the best opportunities for a winter investment property, according to new rankings released by Vacasa, a U.S. vacation rental management company. The firm identified the best places to buy a vacation home in 2019, factoring in aggregate cap rates and the ratio of a property’s net operating income over its cost.

“Those that made the list this year have an almost built-in guest population, as they’re situated just a short drive from highly populated residential markets and draw plenty of visitors from the surrounding area,” Vacasa researchers note in the study. “And while winter activities bring many travelers to these destinations, the summer offers opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and more that keep vacation homes booked when the snow melts.”

The 8 best places to buy a winter vacation home in 2019, according to Vacasa, are:

1. Killington, Vt.

  • Cap rate: 8.31%
  • Median home cost: $211,172

2. Big Sky, Mt.

  • Cap rate: 6.10%
  • Median home cost: $585,000

3. Breckenridge, Colo.

  • Cap rate: 5.56%
  • Median home cost: $556,905

4. Dillon, Colo.

  • Cap rate: 4.92%
  • Median home cost: $401,894

5. Ludlow, Vt.

  • Cap rate: 4.83%
  • Median home cost: $304,273

6. Rhododendron, Ore.

  • Cap rate: 4.73%
  • Median home cost: $316,712

7. Warren, Vt.

  • Cap rate: 4.57%
  • Median home cost: $263,752

8. Leavenworth, Wash.

  • Cap rate: 4.36%
  • Median home cost: $441,617