Number of Homes Under HOAs Rises Steadily Over Decade

December 27, 2019

Nearly 63% of homes that broke ground in 2018 were built under a community authority such as a homeowners association, up from 47.6% in 2009, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. HOAs are entities that oversee the maintenance of common areas in a neighborhood. Membership is mandatory for homeowners who live within an association’s jurisdiction.

The highest share of HOAs in the U.S. is in the Mountain region, which includes states like Colorado, Nebraska, and Montana. Eighty-two percent of new homes in this region fell under an HOA. HOAs are less common in the Middle Atlantic region, which includes New York and Pennsylvania. That region had the fewest number of new homes in a community association, at 28.6%.

HOA map

A survey of 700 homeowners conducted earlier this year found that nearly a third of respondents had knowingly broken an HOA rule, and 52% refused to pay an HOA fine. The most common HOA fines were due to improper landscaping, putting trash out too early or bringing it in too late, and improper or untimely holiday decorations.

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