Most Popular Keywords in Property Descriptions

January 10, 2020

Property descriptions, not just listing photos, can grab buyers’ attention. Point2 Homes, an online real estate marketplace, analyzed more than 1.2 million listings in July 2019 to see the most common words that agents used when describing the homes they’re selling. Regardless of price point or region, the three most popular listing phrases, according to Point2 Homes, are:

  • “Granite countertops”
  • “Hardwood floors”
  • “Stainless steel appliances”

“Creative, engaging home descriptions based on adjectives—as well as practical details—make a big difference when it comes to how buyers perceive a property,” Point2 Homes notes in its study.

A home description can play up the property’s main assets and amenities. Here are some of the most popular words that Point2 Homes found used in property descriptions.