Most Common Sources of Construction Defects

January 24, 2020

There’s a wide variety of issues that can lead to defects in residential and commercial construction, but the most common relate to poorly trained contractors, finds a new analysis based on four years of research from LJP Construction Services.

Poor workmanship, misinterpretation of plan details, and deviations from manufacturers’ recommendations are the top culprits causing construction deficiencies, the study notes. For single-family homes, the most common problems involve:

  • Exterior weather barriers
  • Structural (wood) framing
  • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems
  • Window and door installations

The average deficiency rate for single-family homes is 3% nationally, according to the study. But that figure ranges from 1.6% in California and 1.7% in Nevada to 5% in Florida and 6% in Texas, according to the analysis for more than 2,000 construction projects in 26 states.

“Sun Belt states need improvement, particularly with multifamily and townhome construction,” Don Neff, president of LJP Construction Services, told Builder. “Weatherproofing assemblies are still the major problem, but insulation and fire-resistant assemblies are also poorly executed in the field. In our opinion, builders need to provide more training for their field supervisors and trade partners because the surveys show that many defects are likely from a lack of well-trained trade contractors.”