4 ‘Unicorn’ Real Estate Companies to Watch

February 4, 2020

What makes a business reach “unicorn” status? These are startups that have reached a $1 billion valuation mark, and as one venture capitalist once put it, finding them is like stumbling on a “mythical unicorn.”

The McGuffin Creative Group surveyed 4,000 consumers to determine which unicorn companies they’re most familiar with. Four real estate companies ranked among the top 25 fastest growing companies—Airbnb, Compass, WeWork, and Opendoor Labs. Combined, the value accumulated per day of these four real estate companies is more than $21 million.

Two of the companies also made a list of the 25 most well-known unicorns by consumers. Airbnb has a high brand awareness among consumers at 86% among those surveyed, and Nextdoor had a 30% consumer awareness percentage.

“Unicorns aren’t exactly unicorns,” the researchers note. “They might be rare, but they’re anything but invisible. Their consumer awareness and acceptance are key drivers of valuation and growth. And that’s no myth.”

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