Real Estate Spats: Why Couple Friction Is Common

February 14, 2020

Forty-nine percent of buyers admit that house hunting with their partner strained their relationship, according to a survey from, a home remodeling website. Porch surveyed more than 980 homeowners.

Nearly one in four homeowners say their current home does not have all the features that their partner considers important. Certain home features tended to lead to the most bickering among couples, particularly wood-burning fireplaces and hardwood flooring, the survey found.

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Indeed, a separate survey found that 77% of Americans who have purchased a home and 71% of those who have sold a home with a significant other in the last decade admit to arguing during the process, according to a survey conducted by The Harris Poll.

Buyers said they most often fought over the size or style of the home to purchase, the home’s must-have features, the location or neighborhood to buy in, and the budget. As for sellers, they tended to argue over financial decisions involved, such as what price to list the home for, whether to drop the price, and whether to accept an offer. Other common disagreements involved whether or not to make repairs, strangers walking through the home during an open house, and keeping the house clean for showings.

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