Caribbean-Style Lagoons Make a Splash As Hot Amenity

February 18, 2020

Neighborhood lagoons are enticing home buyers with beachfront-like properties without the flooding risks. Crystal lagoons are poised to rapidly expand in the U.S., CNBC reports. So far, five lagoon communities are open in two states, Florida and Texas, and seven more are slated to open this year in California and Pennsylvania. A company that creates these large pool areas says it has orders for 30 more around the U.S.

These artificial bodies of water can stretch over 8 acres and be filled with 16 million gallons of water. They have surrounding sandy beaches, and the water tends to be crystal, Caribbean blue.

“When you see this thing, it really, really pops and is spectacular,” Greg Singleton, president of the Metro Development Group, told CNBC. The Metro Development Group worked with the firm Crystal Lagoons for a community in the Tampa, Fla., area. “It’s way cheaper than a golf course, and it appeals to so many different people. It just became a cost-benefit analysis for us. We thought we’d sell more homes quicker and get a price premium when it’s all said and done.”

In the area around the Tampa lagoon, seven builders are putting more than 1,000 homes, starting in the $200,000 range, around or near it. The homes are selling faster than homes in the surrounding area, Singleton says.

The lagoon constantly filters the water, and the creators behind it tout that these lagoons use 100 times fewer chemicals than conventional swimming pools and just 2% of the energy. Also, lagoon levels can be lowered in advance of storms so there’s little flood risk, they say.

“We’ve got 30 signed projects and it’s really been kind of an inflection curve in the last couple of years,” Eric Cherasia, vice president of Crystal Lagoons, told CNBC.

In Pittsburgh, Crystal Lagoons is part of a project in redeveloping a former industrial area with retail and residential. The lagoon will be the attraction and will be featured in the redevelopment. In the winter, the lagoon will be turned into an ice skating rink.