Frozen Homes Encased in 3 Feet of Ice Along Lake Erie

March 3, 2020

Along Lake Erie in Hamburg, N.Y., a group of residents' homes have been frozen in thick ice. Some homes are completely encased in up to 3 feet of ice.

“It looks fake; it looks unreal,” Ed Mis, who lives in Hamburg, N.Y., told CNN. “It’s dark on the inside of my house. It can be a little eerie, a little frightening.” Mis said his backyard has about 12 feet of ice, too. He had to get out of his home through a secondary door, and chisel his way through the ice to back into the house.

Residents told CNN that they’re worried the ice could cause structural damage to their homes. “We’re worried about the integrity, of structure failure when it starts to melt, because of the weight on the roof,” Mis told CNN.

The homes were iced after 48 hours of strong force winds late last week. The winds created 18-foot waves that drove Lake Erie waters onto the shore. The water spray that rose from the lake came up and froze, creating giant icicles, Tim Niziol, a weather expert, told the Weather Channel.