Coronavirus Update: Non-Essential NAR Travel Suspended

Several upcoming events will likely leverage technology to replace in-person meetings on behalf of the association.

March 5, 2020

As a result of growing public health concerns associated with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the state of emergency declared by California, the National Association of REALTORS® announced Thursday that it is suspending all non-essential travel—international and domestic—by staff and volunteers traveling on behalf of NAR. This suspension is in place until April 11 or until further notice as NAR leadership closely monitors the situation.

“This was not a decision made lightly or in a panic,” says NAR CEO Bob Goldberg. “We believe this approach is in the best interests of all of those in our REALTOR® community, whose safety and well-being are our top priorities. It is also consistent with actions taken by dozens of other U.S. organizations.”

Several events, including the Association Executives Institute, scheduled for March 13-16 in San Diego, and Broker Summit, scheduled for March 31-April 1 in Los Angeles, will be affected by the travel suspension. Members who were registered or scheduled to attend those events or other meetings on behalf of NAR will be notified of the travel suspension.

“Please understand that we are not going silent,” Goldberg said in a message to NAR staff March 5. “Instead, we’re taking the safest and most prudent course of action by leveraging technology to facilitate what would otherwise be in-person meetings. Our technical team is ready and poised to assist you in setting up alternative means of conducting business remotely.”

Members and association executives who had registered and planned to attend NAR events during the suspension period will have their registration and hotel fees refunded in full. If you were planning to attend AE Institute, Broker Summit, or NAR’s budget review meetings in Chicago on March 24-25, contact your air carrier as soon as possible and seek a refund or credit to use toward travel to a later NAR event.

NAR is considering alternatives and potential avenues through which to reschedule, relocate or redesign these conferences later in 2020. Association leadership will announce decisions about additional upcoming events as those determinations are made in the coming weeks.