The Most Googled Home Styles

March 20, 2020

Farmhouse-style home design is the most Googled type of interior decoration in the U.S. Terms related to the design trends draw about 318,950 searches a month, according to data analyzed by the firm Though designers recently have called the style overdone, farmhouse still appears to have the public’s affection. The next-highest Googled interior design style—rustic—was a distant second at 190,240 searches a month, the data shows.

Here are the five most popular interior design trends by Google searches, according to’s analysis:

  1. Farmhouse: 318,950
  2. Rustic: 190,240
  3. Scandinavian: 126,540
  4. Vintage: 124,890
  5. Industrial: 118,100

The least searched interior design style? Directoire, Modernist, and American Colonial, all of which earned just 730 searches a month combined.