College Students Find Happiness at Home During Pandemic

July 15, 2020

Empty nests no more: Millions of college students returned home as college campuses closed in the spring during the outbreak of COVID-19. And many of those college students say they’ve enjoyed being back home.

On average, students said at first they expected to stay at their family’s home for four months, according to a survey of about 1,200 college students conducted by CollegeFinance. But 41% acknowledged they were unsure how long they’d stay, and many had left their possessions behind on their college campuses. Further, as some colleges hash out their fall plans, some college students are realizing their stay may continue much longer.

Could the pandemic fuel another generation of “boomerang” kids who remain home with their parents?

After all, two-thirds of students who came back home reported that the experience had strengthened their emotional ties to their family. Those who reported engaging in “many activities” with their family members were significantly more likely to enjoy their time together and feel closer to their loved ones. The most common activities were sharing dinner and watching TV and movies together. Chores and exercise were also commonly shared activities.

While college students surveyed mostly said they liked being home, they did acknowledge some disagreements under the tighter quarters living back home. More than half of students at home said they had disagreements with their parents. Forty percent said their parents imposed rules, and 47% reported parents setting other expectations for their behavior.

Also, living back at home did present them with challenges. Fifty-five percent of students said “distracting parents” have been a big hurdle to their productivity. Forty-three percent acknowledged uncomfortable workspaces, 41% said their siblings have been distracting, and 37% reported inadequate workspaces have posed challenges.

Four in five parents surveyed said they’ve had a positive experience with having their children move back home.

“Many families are cherishing the chance to weather the COVID-19 crisis together, and most students are actually enjoying their time at home,” the study notes. “Overall, our findings speak to the resilience of America’s college students, who have continued to pursue their goals despite a global pandemic.”

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