A Bear of a Listing: You'll Do a Double-Take

August 11, 2020

A cabin listed in South Lake Tahoe, Calif., is getting a lot of attention online for an unexpected picture: Flip through the images and you’ll spot a combative bear at the back doorstep with a man and woman trying to swat it away with a bat. Not exactly what you expect to typically find in listing photos.

The 800-square-foot, two-bedroom cabin, listed for $199,000, is now in the MLS as “sale pending.” It’s marketed as a fixer-upper, with photos showing its century-old peeling paint and dilapidated interior. But back to that bear picture…

bear near cabin

© George Warren

“After somebody buys the cabin, neighbors are certainly going to tell them about the bear incident,” George Warren, the property’s broker with Warren Land Co., told Patch.com. “A buyer might wonder why the listing broker didn’t mention this.”

So in full disclosure, Warren wanted to get that “bear incident” in the open right away.

The cabin, built in 1916, had been in the current owners’ family for decades. Its only fulltime resident over the last few years was an elderly man with dementia who was unaware that last year a 500-pound bear started living under the home.

Warren told Patch.com the bear wasn’t discovered until after it had ruptured a gas line on the property. When local authorities responded, they spotted the bear. The South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue shooed off the bear, as shown in the picture.

The bear photo on realtor.com® didn’t spook buyers. Warren says he received dozens of inquiries about the cabin. Its prime location, three blocks from Lake Tahoe shores, may be encouraging buyers shrug off the bear stories.

“Frankly, we were unprepared for the response when the listing went active on July 30th,” he told Patch.com. The owners were accepting cash-only offers until Monday this week. They received 24 offers on the home by Monday.

The squatter bear has been relocated too.

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