Builders and Agents: Necessary Allies?

August 18, 2020

More home builders are reportedly looking to build long-term relationships with real estate professionals. Builders realize they need real estate pros to bring qualified home shoppers to their builder’s sales offices. And as resale inventory remains tight, agents are realizing they need builders to give their buyers more options. 

Some real estate pros may be cautious about the new-home market. After all, the relationship can be different between a buyer of new construction versus an existing home. Real estate professionals will often need to work with the buyer over months and will have to wait for months to be paid until the home is built.

Mary Carpousis, a real estate pro with Berkshire Hathaway Results Realty in Orlando, Fla., told Realty Times that she hadn’t sold a new home or even showed one over her first six years in real estate. In the last three years, she has sold 24 new homes, including six prebuilds. She told Realty Times that she now realizes the value of selling preconstruction and how to work with the builder’s advisers in presenting more options to her buyers.

Real estate pros don’t need to be an expert in construction to sell new construction—a myth Realty Times highlights as one that may be prompting some in real estate to shy away. The onsite builder’s agent will be able to address all the construction questions, while the agent focuses solely on representing their buyer’s interest in the transaction.

A study commissioned by Builder Homesite Inc. found that a “sizable portion” of real estate professionals said they would “welcome an outreach effort to engage them in a sales process and increase the proportion of new homes that they sell.”

But you may not want to wait for builders to take that first step. Learn more about creating these builder-agent alliances: You’re Even More Vital to New-Home Buyers.