Does That Home Have a Jail?! This $350k Listing Is Going Viral

August 20, 2020

A two-bedroom, two-bath home—that comes with nine jail cells in the basement—is for sale in Fayette, Mo. It’s that last part that's making people pause.

“WAIT until you get to picture #30!!” the listing reads.

The photo shows off a renovated, modern kitchen—but there’s a blocked-off, heavy door in the frame. That door leads to the home’s lower-level jail.

The unusual listing was originally built in 1875 and was both a sheriff’s house and jail. The jail cells have remained in the home over the years, despite an “extensive renovation” (costing $1.5 million) in 2005 to other parts of the house.

The three-level home is going viral for its jail cell feature. TMZ, USA Today, and other news outlets have featured the listing, along with discussions brewing about it on Twitter and other social media channels.

The listing ad highlights all the upgrades inside the Victorian home, including all of its modern, high-end finishes—right down to “THE BEST PART, connected to the home is a 2,500 sq ft legitimate jail with nine cells, booking room, and half bath,” the ad reads.

More about the jail’s history: The Howard County Sheriff’s Office says it was typical in the 1800s for a sheriff and their family to Iive in the home where the jail was located. “The jail residence was occupied throughout most of the years but, eventually those who held office chose not to live there,” according to the sheriff’s office.

The jail is part of the National Register of Historic Places, USA Today reports.

The House of Brokers and listing agent Jeffrey Radel has the listing.

View the listing and photos.