Real Estate ‘Quarandreams’ Apparently Are a Thing

September 29, 2020

Real estate is popping up in more people’s dreams. Vivid dreams are one of many side effects being tied to COVID-19. And reportedly, many of these “quarandreamers” are having dreams related to real estate, such as moving into a mansion, doing a home renovation project, or even feeling trapped in cluttered spaces.

“Dreams provide an entryway to the private discussions we are having with ourselves,” dream analyst Layne Dalfen told®. Dalfen is the author of Have a Great Dream: Decoding Your Dreams to Discover Your Full Potential.® highlighted some of the most commonly reported quarandreams surrounding real estate and their potential meanings. For example, some COVID-19 patients have reported dreaming about their childhood home. Dream experts tell®: “Since a house is often a representation of your current emotional state, it may mean you’re either wishing to go back to memories of that time, or experiencing feelings associated with it.” You may be craving a sense of security again.

Some quarandreamers are reporting dreaming of living in a mansion. Dalfen told® the mansion could symbolize a splurge that some have felt denied due to the pandemic. “This dream is encouraging action,” Dalfen told®. “Do something to remedy how you are feeling.”

On the other hand, some quarandreamers are dreaming of living in a tiny, cluttered house. “Dreams speak in the language of metaphor, so the feelings of being closed in on could be your unconscious mind creating a dream scenario in which you are inspired to break out,” Dalfen says.

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