5 Questions to Boost Productivity and Inner Peace

November 17, 2020

Given the feverish pace of home sales and strong competition in the industry, not to mention the tumult of 2020, Clint Pardoe, speaker and real estate coach, believes “feeling overwhelmed and scattered [may be] one way of doing business in real estate—but it’s not the only way.”

During his session, “Zen Real Estate: A Simplified Approach to Increase Income, Efficiency, and Inner Peace,” at the virtual 2020 REALTORS® Conference & Expo on Monday, Pardoe shared five questions he recommends practitioners ask themselves to reset the traditional industry mindset that it’s necessary to work 60-plus hours a week in the business to make money.

He uses the questions to help his clients reframe their attitudes, a technique born from his own mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual breakdown in 2009. Armed with a healthier mindset, he says, he was able to rebuild a better business.

Am I Communicating Consciously?

The biggest factor in determining the quality of our relationships is communication. And the best way to improve communication is by conscious nonverbal cuing and listening, Pardoe says. “How we say something is often more important than what we say,” he notes. “Sharing something without love or heart can be experienced as rude [even if it’s not meant to be]. Agents will get more business and close more deals by shutting up more.”

Am I Taking Care of Myself?

Operating in “superhuman mode,” which Pardoe says many agents attempt, leads to exhaustion. Then, it’s difficult to serve clients. He recommends a holistic approach to well-being:

  • Physical: nutrition, sleep, exercise
  • Emotional: journaling, counseling, screaming into a pillow
  • Mental: attending conferences, reading a book, taking a coaching program
  • Spiritual: going to your place of worship, hiking, or even doing nothing

Am I Being Efficient With My Time?

Rather than feeling overworked or unable to keep up, Pardoe says practitioners can work 30 to 40 hours a week and be productive. He advocates an approach championed by broker and author Gary Keller: Focus mornings on “maker” activities, such as lead generation, and afternoons on “manager” activities, such as showing property and following up with clients.

Am I Taking Powerful Action?

Pardoe recommends that pros choose one specific and achievable action they can take in the next seven days that will increase their income, efficiency, and inner peace. An example is saying, “I’ll make 125 calls to my database from 9 to 11 a.m. this week.” To increase your likelihood of success, he advises practitioners to write down the goal (which makes it nearly 40% more likely you’ll achieve it) and ask someone to check in with you about it in a week. Accountability further raises your likelihood of success to nearly 77%, Pardoe says.

Am I Being of Service?

Most agents are either too pushy or too soft, he says. But they can be direct and loving by keeping in mind his acronym, SALES: Service And Love Extending Support.

Ask potential clients one question that marries directness with service orientation, such as, “Would you like to set up an appointment to see how I can support you in buying or selling real estate?”

If you ask that question and focus on lead generation, Pardoe says, “I’d be shocked if 12 months from now, you don’t have a drastic increase in your business—not just in income, but in efficiency.”