Add Greenery to Reduce Stress, Studies Show

November 23, 2020

House plants are growing in importance in the pandemic, touted for bringing in cleaner air and absorbing carbon dioxide and for boosting productivity, improving mental health, and making rooms look more inviting, reports.

“Plant therapy isn’t just a buzzword—it’s the real thing,” Melanie Berliet, general manager for The Spruce, a lifestyle, home, and food site, told “Research has shown that the absence of plants in our lives is linked to increased stress, anxiety, and even depression. Alternatively, spending time in spaces with lots of plants can have a therapeutic effect and lead to feelings of calmness and reduced stress.”

A 2015 study that focused on participants completing a computer task with or without the presence of indoor plants showed that those with the plant near them tended to feel happier and have lower blood pressure and heart rates than those who didn’t. The study, completed by NIH, appeared in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology.

Berliet recommends the snake plant as a great indoor houseplant for beginners. “Snake plants are tough to kill,” she told “In fact, I had a snake plant on my desk at the office that I was forced to abandon when the pandemic hit. Four months later, I was able to visit the office to collect my belongings and my deskside plant was still very much alive.”

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