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10 Places Where Living Costs Are Actually Dropping

December 4, 2020

Nearly half of more than 2,000 Americans recently surveyed by Lendingtree say they plan to move soon to reduce living expenses. Forty-six percent of those respondents say they plan to relocate within the next year. recently analyzed 250 of the largest metro cities in the U.S. to find out where the cost of living is going down. Researchers factored in groceries, housing, utilities, transportation costs, healthcare, and miscellaneous expenses into overall cost changes. The following are the places where the cost of living expenses dropped the most from the first quarter of 2020 to the third quarter:

  1. Palm Coast-Flagler County, Fla.: -3.4% overall cost change (led by a 13.7% drop in groceries)
  2. Johnson City, Tenn.: -3.3% (led by a 12.6% drop in groceries)
  3. Huntsville, Ala.: -3.1% (led by a 7.4% drop in transportation)
  4. Casper, Wyo.: -3% (led by an 8.5% drop in groceries)
  5. Joliet-Will County, Ill.: -3% (led by a 7.7% drop in groceries)
  6. Minot, N.D.: -3% (led by a 5.7% drop in housing costs)
  7. Sussex County, Del.: -3% (led by a 9.4% drop in grocery costs)
  8. Stockton, Calif.: -3% (led by an 11% drop in grocery costs)
  9. Bakersfield, Calif.: -2.9% (led by a 6.8% drop in grocery costs)
  10. Montgomery, Ala.: -2.9% (led by a 6.3% decrease in housing costs)

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10 Places Where It’s Getting Cheaper to Live,” (Nov. 30, 2020)