Luxury Pantries Satiate Buyers’ Latest Craving

December 7, 2020

Pantries, once simply closets or cupboards for storing a few perishables, have become much more elaborate—especially now that people are staying at home more. The walk-in pantry has emerged as the most desirable kitchen feature for home buyers in recent years, according to a 2019 survey from the National Association of Home Builders. More than 85% of homes larger than 3,500 square feet feature a walk-in pantry.

“We’ve been offering pantries for a number of years, but the luxury pantry is the new must-have,” Lisa McClelland, national vice president of design studios for Toll Brothers, told The Wall Street Journal. “For some of our buyers, it serves as a Pinterest- or Instagram-ready organizational space.”

Toll Brothers is offering a new floor plan in the $635,000 to $779,000 price range that features a 70-square-foot walk-in pantry that can include built-in shelves, quartzite countertops, and hardwood floors. It can also be upgraded with spice-rack pullouts, wine storage columns, and built-in lazy Susans for added storage.

Trending hashtags on Instagram like #pantryinspo and #pantrygoals have become popular as homeowners look for inspiration for sprucing up their pantries. “Here in Utah, there are big families, big homes, and lots of food storage; people love a beautiful pantry,” Tracy Bowers, a home organizer based in Salt Lake City, told the Journal. “You don’t want your pantry overstuffed.”

Bowers suggests creating different pantry zones for items like breakfast foods and baking supplies, tossing out all of the boxes and packaging.

“That creates a ton of space,” she says. “We put things in acrylic or glass containers so you see what you have. Instead of an ugly package of fruit snacks, you have a beautiful basket.”

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