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Smart Homes, Zoom Etiquette Top 2020 Tech Interests

December 31, 2020

Homes are getting smarter, and real estate pros are discovering it’s important to stay ahead of the trends to present the “new” American home to clients. And as the workplace went virtual this year, videoconferencing along with other virtual tools rose in importance.

REALTOR® Magazine highlights its top five technology articles in 2020:

1. A Vision for the Greenest Homes Ever

This year’s New American Home, an annual concept build at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, reflects the most technologically advanced methods of achieving energy efficiency.

2. 13 Cutting-Edge Updates for the Smart Home

The 2020 Consumer Electronics Show introduced a slew of new and improved technology that will make the everyday experience of living in a home much easier and efficient.

3. 10 Tips for Looking Your Best on Video

It's time to get past discomfort with video appearances.

4. Show Consumers What the ‘R’ Stands For

Now at Photofy.com/NAR, download a members-only app with a selection of social media assets ready to personalize and share.

5. 10 Ways to Make Virtual Meetings More Productive

Whether you’re conducting sales meetings with colleagues or check-ins with clients, learn methods to improve your communication skills over video and increase attendees’ participation.

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