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The Top 5 Real Estate Sales, Marketing Stories of 2020

December 31, 2020

Your online outreach may have never been more important than it was in 2020—a socially distant year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Generating content perfectly tailored to your prospects could help you increase your clout, while also being an information source for buyers and sellers to help them through the uncertainties of the year.

Check out these top five most-clicked on stories in sales and marketing at REALTOR® Magazine in 2020:

1. Easy Property Fixes to Prompt a Quick Sale

Small upgrades and aesthetic swaps can make all the difference in drawing buyers to a home.

2. Earnest Money: A Primer for New Agents

Get an overview of what real estate agents and their clients should know about earnest money and how it impacts the real estate transaction.

3. Personable Content Gets Leads

Pay attention to the messages you’re sending—not just the tools you’re using—to connect with prospects.

4. MLS Games People Play

Think twice before tweaking data to boost property exposure. It may be common, but it's unprofessional.

5. Strategies to Land Listings in Today’s Market

You need to try more than traditional prospecting methods to find sellers in this pandemic-weary market. Learn how to do what your competitors aren’t.

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