Couple eating with moving boxes at home

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Where People Who Want to Relocate Are Going

January 14, 2021

About half of Americans say they’re considering a move in the next year, according to a study from LendingTree. But where do they plan to move?

LendingTree researchers analyzed mortgage purchase requests on its platform in 2020 to find the moving patterns of potential buyers in each of the 50 states. They found that a clear majority plan to remain in the state they’re currently living in. Texans, according to the analysis, are the least likely to move to another state. On the other hand, New York has the highest number of residents looking to move out of state, but some aren’t going far. Nearly 25% of relocating New Yorkers are heading to the state next door: New Jersey.

Overall, the number one destination for out-of-state movers is Florida. Relocating residents from 14 of 50 states chose Florida as their most popular destination, the LendingTree study found.