Sen. Bernie Sanders

© Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Sen. Bernie Sanders arrives at President Joe Biden's inauguration at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 20.

Bernie Sanders Mittens Meme Helps Listing Go Viral

January 25, 2021

President Joe Biden’s one-time political rival Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has become a phenomenon—yet again—with the chunky knitted mittens he wore as he sat in the crowd at last week’s inauguration ceremony. Since then, the image of Sanders sitting in a chair with arms crossed in a heavy winter coat and sporting those patterned mittens has popped up on memes across social media—and now on a property listing in Michigan, too.


Typically, real estate pros avoid invoking politics in their marketing, but Tiffany Szakal of in Grand Rapids, Mich., couldn’t resist using the Sanders meme in her government-owned listing. “The house came back on the market Thursday as I was falling in love with all the amazing Bernie memes,” Szakal told® last week. The home, ironically, is located on a street called Donald Place. Szakal says that made her think of Sanders.

The lead property photo on the $144,900 listing shows the image of Sanders on the home’s front porch. Another picture shows him in the kitchen. Szakal told® that within two hours of posting the listing, it had been shared far and wide across social media. One Instagram post about the listing garnered 50,000 likes in one day.

“My phone has been ringing off the hook,” Szakal told®. “I’ve gotten a ton of calls for a showing and tons of requests for information about the property. The timing of adding Bernie lined up perfectly.”