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Stay Top of Mind Without Annoying Your Prospects

March 23, 2021

Oftentimes, when a real estate pro connects with a potential client, they plug them into their CRM software and start sending them text messages and emails. But this client may not be ready to buy yet. They may still be saving up for a home. Suddenly, they’re receiving tons of emails and texts from you—leading to the dreaded spam folder, or worse, an unsubscribe.

As you wait out some of your potential clients, how can you reach them without annoying them with constant emails? Focus on buyer education, writes Kevin Markarian, founder of Marker Real Estate, for

“When people set out to purchase their first home, they often know little about their local market, the process of securing financing and putting in a bid, the inspection process, and the role agents play in the home-buying journey,” Markarian writes. “As a result agents play a huge role in buyer education.”

Help buyers understand where they can find listings and highlight financial resources for them as they save up for a mortgage. This can help show your value in providing them with information they need to be able to move on to the next steps.

Consider starting a podcast or YouTube channel to post buyer education videos, or if you prefer to write, start a blog or become a resource on the housing expert to your local media. These efforts all help to create your “thought leadership profile,” Markarian notes, and could help you build more trust with a client if they see your name on a platform or in another publication.

“Be transparent about how and why you’re keeping them informed and staying in touch,” Markarian writes for “At the end of the day, real estate pivots on trust, and honesty and transparency are critical parts of building trust.”

Here are more resources to help build connections without being pushy: