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NAR Announces REACH Classes

April 27, 2021

Second Century Ventures, the strategic investment arm of the National Association of REALTORS®, has announced the 2021 lineup of technology companies that it believes can be game changers for the real estate industry. The companies cover multiple aspects of the real estate market, including financing, senior living services, home maintenance, marketing, and more.

“In spite of a once-in-a-century health crisis and all of the challenges it has created, U.S. residential real estate has fared remarkably well over the past 13 months,” says Bob Goldberg, SCV president and NAR CEO. “However, there are factors which will pose long-term challenges to America’s housing market, and every problem we face will require innovative solutions from both the private and public sectors. Through the REACH program, we are able to help facilitate these critical conversations by supporting forward-thinking small businesses, investments today which will allow us to overcome the complex problems of tomorrow.”

The companies selected for the 2021 REACH program collectively have raised more than $700 million in capital.

“The continued success of our industry is dependent on technology that benefits home buyers, sellers, and the REALTOR® community,” says Kia Nejatian, executive director of REACH. “This group of eight companies has been hand-selected from an impressive pool of applicants based on the incredible potential for their solutions to transform the real estate transaction.”

The following eight companies were selected for the 2021 REACH program:

  • Aryeo: a modern content management platform enabling creators and real estate professionals to collaborate seamlessly
  • Feather: a next-generation approach to furniture and home decor rental
  • K4Connect: leading enterprise technology solutions for residents, staff, and operators of senior living communities
  • Knock: a fast-growing company whose flagship product, Home Swap, makes it easy for consumers to buy their dream home before listing their current house
  • Landis: a mission-driven program that helps agents provide their clients with an innovative and accelerated path to homeownership
  • Milestones: a end-to-end digital customer experience platform for the next generation of homeowners
  • Plunk: the first mobile app leveraging AI to forecast home valuation and remodeling projects in real time
  • Super: a technology-enabled home care and repair subscription service

Also, earlier this month, REACH announced companies selected for its commercial program. The following nine companies were selected for the 2021 REACH Commercial program:

  • Valcre: a premier end-to-end appraisal software solution for CRE
  • Remarkably: a marketing business intelligence platform for multifamily housing owners and operators
  • Lex Markets: a first-of-its-kind securities market for commercial real estate
  • Parafin: an on-demand generative design for optimized designs, budgets, and investment models
  • ProDeal: an award-winning CRE closing software platform
  • Land Intelligence: actionable intelligence for new land development deals
  • Otso: an innovative commercial lease securitization for tenants, landlords, and brokers
  • Groundbreaker: an all-in-one investment management software for small to medium commercial real estate investment firms
  • Cove: a modernized technology service platform to transform the way people engage with their physical environments

Second Century Ventures is known as the most active global venture fund in real estate technology, with more than 130 portfolio companies worldwide. Learn more about the REACH program at