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Fighting Wire Fraud and Improving IT

Learn how one of Boston’s real estate firms took steps to protect its business, agents, and clients against scams and onsite technology downtime.

The Makings of a Buyer’s Market

Why rising interest rates won’t necessarily slow home purchases.

Teams Attract a Quarter of Agents

Real estate teams have grown in popularity over the past few years, but individual salespeople still dominate the industry.

The Secret to a 22-Year Client Relationship

How Florida real estate pro Charlotte Hedge turned a chance referral into a loyal client who has filled her pipeline with new business for decades.

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Omarya Borges co-founded the nonprofit Fundación Mochileando 100x35 to bring hope after the destruction of Hurricane Maria. She focused on remote mountain villages—some of the hardest-hit and most difficult to access—delivering essentials like water and medicine and repairing homes. She has raised $1.1 million and helped 45,000 people.