REaching Out to You

NAR’s strategic investment arm welcomes eight innovative start-ups with their eye on practitioners.

May 2, 2014

Eight innovative technology companies whose products and services have the potential to offer substantial benefits for NAR members have joined the 2014 REach program, a nine-month technology accelerator operation run by NAR’s strategic investment arm, Second Century Ventures. Last year’s inaugural class of REach companies all experienced revenue or customer growth ranging from 100 percent to 2,000 percent. Nearly 200 industry executives mentored program participants, providing one-on-one guidance on the direction of their products, services, and promotions. In addition, about 700 REALTORS® tested the products, offering input to help tailor solutions best suited for the real estate industry. Learn more about joining an Insight Panel for this year’s class.

Here’s a rundown of the 2014 REach companies and the value proposition these early-stage companies offer the industry. The selection process is highly competitive, with an acceptance rate of less than 10 percent. Three of this year’s companies focus on commercial real estate as their primary market.

Back At You Media provides Facebook marketing for the real estate industry, with a proprietary lead generation, communication, and education platform.

Deductr is a tool to make tax time less taxing by automatically tracking expenses, mileage, and time, allowing practitioners to keep more of what they earn. It provides one-click access to all of the information needed to maximize deductions.

Desktime helps commercial -brokers optimize their clients’ offices and facilities by turning unused space into coworking areas and connecting them to mobile workers who are seeking work spaces.

FundWell is an online marketplace that prequalifies and matches small businesses and commercial real estate investors to lenders, giving users access to the best possible funding options.

SeaSuite by Goby tracks energy use in buildings to optimize efficiency and regulatory reporting. The platform helps building owners and managers run better buildings by capturing and distilling multiple building data sources.

SendHub is a phone suite designed for real estate pros. It works on any device and offers -real-time analytics, text messaging, and all the features of a PBX system.

SmartZip’s marketing automation platform uses the power of big data to help agents win listings by identifying top home seller prospects accurately and reaching them through targeted online and offline marketing campaigns.

WeVideo enables agents to create, edit, and share professional-grade videos with a few clicks on the web using a desktop browser or any mobile device.