Straight to the Head of the Class

REALTORS® share their knowledge and experience through classes and workshops.

September 17, 2014

Kendrick Kim has an advanced degree that only eight other REALTORS® in the entire country have—and with that, he’s wasting no time in educating tomorrow’s real estate professionals.

Kim, ABR, GRI, broker-owner of Evergreen Real Estate Group in Cerritos, Calif., was part of the first-ever graduating class of REALTOR® University’s Master of Real Estate program this May. Now he’s teaching classes in real estate practice and real estate law at California’s Fullerton College, which is also his alma mater.

The real estate department there jumped at the chance to hire Kim with his newly earned credential from REALTOR® University. “There are not many MREs out there,” Kim says. “I can offer a unique perspective with this background.” He adds that the most gratifying part of teaching is exposing students to all the possible avenues in real estate, some of which he knew little about until he began his studies at REALTOR® University, such as appraisal and green real estate.

“It’s good to show students and the next generation of REALTORS® that real estate isn’t just about selling,” Kim says. “It’s important to be educated and keep your mind open to the possibilities.”

Getting Buyers Up to Speed
Before Tracie DeMars became a real estate agent, she had a bad experience buying her own home. She didn’t use a REALTOR®. Instead, she worked directly with the builder, who told her that she didn’t need an inspection on new construction. But after she moved in, nearly everything went wrong: plumbing failed, the kitchen floor buckled, cupboards fell off their hinges.

Now as an agent with RE/MAX Equity Group in Vancouver, Wash., DeMars hosts workshops for home buyers so they can avoid her mistakes. Primarily, she teaches them about the value of an agent to counter what she sees as the greedy representations on TV and in the movies.

“The truth is that I have to sell you a home to pay for mine,” she continues. “But real estate is not about a paycheck, it’s about customer service and the relationship you build with clients.”

DeMars seeks to demystify the homebuying process and its paperwork: She teaches consumers about how real estate agents earn commissions and explains the common scripts agents use.

But most of all, DeMars just wants to prepare future home buyers for the hunt. “Even if they don’t buy or sell with me, I can teach them to make better financial decisions,” she says.

Graham Wood
Executive Editor of Digital Media

Graham Wood is Executive Editor of Digital Media for REALTOR® Magazine. He can be reached at