What Is Street Cred?

REALTORS® don’t just sell properties. They’re expert ambassadors of their communities.

Let’s face it: Your clients can only learn so much from Yelp and Google Maps. With the glut of information about where to go and when, people are craving real guidance on great experiences. They want a rich back story from a charismatic insider who knows each nook and cranny of a community.

That’s where you come in.

Real estate professionals go beyond the obvious, superficial, and cliché, immersing themselves in the little details, stories, places, and people of a community that can only be known over time. You don’t just sell properties; you introduce people to your community in an explicit and expert way. You have street cred, and we’re here to help you show it off.

What is street cred? It’s an authentic, first-hand connection to a city or neighborhood that’s formed over years of personal investment and passion. Distinct experiences uncovered by passionate local experts are the things that make navigating a community more seamless and exciting.

The truly awesome thing about street cred is that it looks different depending on who you are and where you are. Over the next few months, we will be profiling REALTORS® from around the country, highlighting these local ambassadors and giving them a platform to promote their insider market knowledge in a unique, relevant, and delightful way.

We want to show you how your colleagues are demonstrating their street cred, but we also want to be able to show the world how you are rocking this role. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Doorsteps, a platform that helps educate and empower home buyers, to get the word out about the REALTOR® difference when it comes to having real street cred. Together, we imagine a future where REALTORS® are seen as the preeminent local ambassadors in their community.

In the next few months, we'll be looking for real estate professionals who can provide insider information, the stuff you only get when working on the ground level. Who serves the best coffee in town? Where's the best place to go when you want to be alone? Which cashier is most likely to remember your name next time?

And we'll want to hear how you provide this information in a unique way that delights your clients. Maybe you built an app for helping families find the perfect park based on what they like to do on Saturdays. Or maybe you host a walking tour of historic homes in your neighborhood. Submit your story today!