7 Customer Service Standards Your Office Should Have

March 1, 2004

Are you just selling houses—or are you also building a base of satisfied clients and customers? To help ensure repeat business:

  1. Always have a real person answer the phone. Don’t make customers punch a dozen buttons to get a live person.
  2. When you or your associates make a promise, keep it. A broken promise is hard to repair.
  3. Know what your customers expect. That requires your associates to ask up front and match their actions to those expectations.
  4. Obtain feedback. In terms of objectivity, it can help to work through a third party. But whether you, your associate, or an outside company does it, you should collect feedback from clients and customers within a few weeks after a closing to determine their satisfaction and learn what you can do better next time.
  5. Track performance. Don’t rely on anecdotes from customers and clients. Review regular feedback to identify problem areas, and discuss it candidly with associates who consistently receive poor scores.
  6. Correct problems. Mistakes are an opportunity for your company to turn a potential bad impression into a good one by setting the problem right.
  7. Recognize good customer service. Reward associates who provide superior service. They’re as good for your business as those who close a lot of deals.

Sources: Larry D. Romito, CRB, Quality Service Certification Inc., San Juan Capistrano, Calif., and Joe Klock Sr., Key Largo, Fla.