4 Steps to Rookie Success

March 1, 2005

Prelicensing classes are full of students eager to break into real estate, but many won’t stay in the field beyond a few months, brokers say. The reason: Rookies become discouraged by the slow pace of ramping up their business. Boost their chances for long- term success by helping them build a customer base even before they earn their real estate license. Once you extend an invitation for them to join your company:

  1. Help them select an area they’re comfortable with that isn’t an obvious farm for another practitioner.
  2. Assist them in identifying neighborhood publications, including community group or homeowner association newsletters, in which to run personal marketing ads.
  3. Work with them to execute a marketing program for the farm area. Execution includes developing a Web site and marketing materials that position them as a neighborhood specialist.
  4. And once they receive their license, have them start walking the area, attending yard sales, and getting to know the residents. This is how they’ll learn helpful tidbits they can share with prospective customers about such things as which pizza parlor offers weekend discounts or which homeowner works as a freelance seamstress. Making themselves visible is more important than cold calling.

Source: Kimberly Dawes-Luther, vice president of career development, RE/MAX Dallas Suburbs, Plano, Texas