3 Easy Ways to Green Your Office

April 1, 2008

Small steps can give you bragging rights to catch the eye of environmentally conscious consumers.

1. Recycle your old computers. You can donate them to schools and charities or offer them to your associates and staff, or you can send them back to the manufacturer for disposal. Dell, for example, recycled almost 80 million pounds of used computer equipment in 2006, the company says. For a fee, the company supplies a report showing how your data was cleansed and the units recycled.

2. Install eco-friendly carpet. Don’t limit yourself to carpets with recycled fibers, though that’s a good first step; choose carpeting that comes in small tiles so that you can replace damaged or stained sections without having to buy an entirely new carpet. Also, buy from companies that take your old carpet off your hands for recycling.

3. Make recycling easy for your associates, staff, and customers. Many states operate recycling programs whose goal is to make it easy for small businesses to dispose of recyclables such as paper and plastic bottles. Contact your state’s small-business division to see what’s available to you. The National Recycling Coalition can also provide ideas and points to resources.