Recruiting Agents With DISC

How to use a personality assessment to build your sales team.

May 2, 2014

If you’re looking to recruit and retain agents who collaborate well and balance one another’s strengths and weaknesses, try using the popular DISC behavioral assessment on potential hires. This personality assessment tool, based on theories psychologist William Moulton Marston developed during the 1920s, analyzes an individual’s behavior and temperament to create a specific profile. These profiles are broken into four categories:

  • Dominance: These are your developers, directors, and creative types who are results-oriented. They are generally productive, competitive, direct, and assertive.
  • Influence: These are social, talkative, energetic, and personable people. They’re your typical “people person” and can be quite persuasive.
  • Steadiness: These are your supporters, relationship builders, and dependable workers. The S personality types are generally peacemakers who work well on a team.
  • Conscientiousness: They are logical, data-driven, detail-oriented people who can be perfectionists. They are organized and analytical and can characteristically be more private.

Once you learn the personality profile of potential hires, you’ll be able to assess the strengths that may benefit your team and the areas where they might need improvement. A DISC assessment will also help identify the salesperson who will best fit with a particular client. For instance, the D/C personality may be fantastic at analyzing market data and have a beautifully executed listing presentation. Those associates will do their homework for clients and won’t become emotional in a sales situation. But they may struggle with developing a personal relationship with clients or lose some people with their lengthy analysis.

There are many online resources for DISC assessments. offers the classic DISC profile for $35.95 and profiles developed for salespeople for $89.95.