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REALTOR® Magazine's Top 100 Companies lists were based on an annual, verified survey of high-production real estate brokerages. As of 2011, REALTOR® Magazine is no longer producing its Top 100 Companies list. We thank you for many years of loyal participation. We will continue to make our lists from recent years available online:




2010 Top 100 Companies: The Change Artists
Spotting and seizing new opportunities in the face of market difficulties has paid off for many of the Top 100 Companies.


2009 Top 100 Companies: A Time for Sprinting Uphill
Last year presented a rocky course for some of the country's largest brokerages. Pulling ahead of the pack required endurance and innovation.


2008 Top 100 Companies: Plant Now, Profit Later
When market conditions dry up, lay the groundwork for healthy harvests in the future. Our annual feature spotlights companies that are doing just that.


2007 Top 100 Companies: How They Stay Successful
Times are tougher, and the Top 100 are feeling the pain. Learn how they're embracing the challenge of a slower market. Plus, find out who's adding customer convenience — and supplementing the bottom line — with ancillary services.


2006 Top 100 Companies: The Big Get Bigger
Six years ago the Dow was over 11,000 and NRT headed our “Top 100” list. Both are true today, too. So what’s changed? A lot!

2005 Top 100 Companies: Real Estate’s All-Stars
A great real estate market and rising home prices helped most companies large and small post new sales records in 2004.

2004 Top 100 Companies: A Step Ahead

Business Tips from the 2003 Top 100

2002 Top 100 Companies:


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