A Simple Way to Capture Testimonials

This Cool Tool for brokers will help you organize, post, and share video testimonials on your company website and social channels.

January 27, 2015

For brokers and salespeople who see the benefit of video marketing but find the process to be time-consuming, VocalReferences can help.

This video management tool allows real estate pros to shoot video testimonials with VocalReferences’ mobile app, then upload directly to their website through a customizable embedded widget. Users can sync their uploaded videos to all their social channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Get rid of that stagnant company Web page with videos shot two years ago. Regularly updated pages with fresh videos will improve search engine optimization and boost Web traffic, while testimonials will benefit a company’s online reputation.

“Capture the moment when the joy is real, when your clients have signed the contract and they are speaking genuinely,” says Mike Davison, representative for VocalReferences. “There is real impact when that moment is not edited.”

Some brokers and salespeople will shoot video and upload directly to Facebook, but that doesn’t provide any SEO benefit for your website. When uploading your video through VocalReferences, the video is indexed in Google to boost your search results. You can also easily add metadata such as keywords and descriptions. Then publish your video from VocalReferences to Facebook. Add the VocalReferences’ Facebook app to your Facebook business page so that all your testimonials will also be displayed in a tab at the top.

There’s also an option of adding a “capture testimonial” button and link to your website, providing a way for customers to submit testimonials at their convenience. Your clients will have the option to submit a text testimonial or a YouTube URL or to record a live video, which you can preview, accept, and display.

The cost for VocalReferences is $13.33 per month billed annually ($159.99) or $15.99 per month. VocalReferences is offering a 10 percent discount for members of NAR through July 31, 2015. Use discount code REALTOR10 at checkout.

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