Building ‘Presence With a Purpose’

Make your weekly sales meetings a time to unite agents and help build a sense of community.

February 17, 2015

Nowadays, it’s important for brokers to balance high tech with high touch, not only with clients but with agents as well.

In this Broker to Broker Conversation Starter, Jill Butler, broker-owner of RedKey Realty Leaders in St. Louis, talks in a Skype interview about creating meaningful ways for agents and staff to come together, which she refers to as initiating “presence with a purpose.”

“Technology today is going more and more mobile. You can work anywhere, but people still want a sense of community,” says Butler.

In the two-and-a-half years since launching her brokerage, Butler has established a culture that values education, camaraderie, and fun for her 80 licensed salespeople. The RedKey team recognizes production goals during sales meetings and brings in trainers, but the company also celebrates birthdays and puts emphasis on health and well-being. The result: Butler says her meetings are always well-attended, and her agents feel connected to one another. She sees salespeople learning together and helping one another by sharing tips for working more efficiently, she says.

Brokers and managers who want to lead sales meetings that provide value to their agents — or who are struggling to get their agents to show up to meetings and events — should start by taking the agent’s point of view, Butler says. “Put yourself in their shoes and think about what would be the No. 1 thing they’d want from their broker. What can you offer that would help their business?” Butler asks.

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