Teach Agents 2 Keys for Handling Objections

There is a direct relationship between the ability to handle objections and the success in one’s career. Here’s how brokers can help agents be more successful.

February 27, 2015

One of the most difficult skills to master as a real estate professional is the art of overcoming objections from clients, especially sellers.

As a broker and mentor to many agents – especially brand-new licensees – it’s easy to teach someone what to say by giving them scripted material to regurgitate. However, from my coaching experience, it has become apparent to me that knowing what to say is not the most important factor in overcoming objections. If that were the case, it would be an equal playing field for all agents, because the scripted material is available to everyone. But as we all know, two agents who have the same scripts will not have the same results on a listing appointment.

Here’s what I believe are the most important ways for agents to successfully handle objections:

1. Build a Strong Mindset

A strong mindset is critical because it allows agents to be present and focused on communicating value to clients, regardless of the potential negative outcome. What do I mean by that? The agents aren’t afraid to say something the client needs to hear. They’re not afraid of losing the listing by offering truthful and factual advice. Having a strong mindset sets agents up to confidently overcome objections. A client will be focused on the agent’s ability, and the meeting will be more of a back-and-forth conversation rather than an interview.

2. Create Value

How do agents develop a strong mindset? By creating value for their clients and knowing how to communicate that value during a listing presentation. When your agents know they are bringing value to the table, it’s clear in their self-confidence, in their body language, and in their interactions with potential clients. If agents are able to communicate the value of their service, consumers will naturally shy away from asking certain questions, especially those that revolve around the cost of the service. Clients may understand that your agents deserve their full commission, and even if they ask for a reduction, they won’t be surprised when your agents say no.

Consumers looking for a high-quality product or service are much less concerned about cost and more concerned about value. So, as long as your agents are providing real value, all they need to do is learn how communicate that value, and the strong mindset will follow.These are skills you can help your agents develop that should be practiced throughout their careers. Start by building value in your brokerage; then make sure your agents understand that value and how they deliver their own value to clients. From there, help agents gain confidence and a strong mindset by practicing their communication skills, and you’ll find they won’t have to compromise on commission.

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Sammer Mudawar is the owner of RE/MAX Prestige located in Anaheim Hills and Costa Mesa in Orange County, Calif. You can learn more about RE/MAX Prestige by going to www.joinremaxprestige.com and consumers can visit his personal site at www.liveoc.net.