Build, Support, Motivate

Ensure that your real estate business thrives by putting in the quality time it takes to build a great team. Here are five tips.

March 10, 2015

Real estate is a tough industry. There are so many elements that help determine future success, but one of the most important is your sales team. Here are five tips to help build, support, and motivate your sales force:

1. Networking Opportunities: Real estate success doesn’t solely depend upon numbers; it’s much more than that. Success often correlates with strong relationships. Encourage your team to branch out of their comfort zone and find events where they can make connections and establish leads. If you find a particularly promising event, send one person to represent your company or ask everyone to attend. Remind your salespeople to bring their business cards wherever they go — even the grocery store — because you never know where the next client will come from.

2. Focus: Help your team maintain focus in a field that’s always changing. Make sure your agents set clear goals. Try pairing them up into accountability teams or become an accountability coach yourself. Consider hiring a trainer to help your agents hone their skills and on track.

3. Balance: There’s nothing wrong with being social in the work place, but it’s wise to carefully moderate such activity. Set the precedent that work comes first while in the office. The No. 1 priority is to help clients and get the job done.

4. Communication: Try to regularly meet with your salespeople one-on-one. If an agent is having an issue or concern, make time to listen. Make sure your team knows you’re available when they need help. It never hurts to reinforce this with simple reminders through e-mail, phone calls, and weekly sales meetings.

5. Current Knowledge: Educate your associates on the latest real estate trends, local news, and market statistics by sharing reports and articles. Add a “need-to-know news roundup” to your sales meetings. Take a look at what’s happening at the local and national level. Pull news from NAR, your local association and MLS, and trusted news sources. If your salespeople are up-to-date on what’s happening in the industry, they’ll be more empowered to provide good information to their clients.



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