5 Creative Marketing Tools Agents Will Love

Introduce your agents to these five user-friendly platforms for building marketing and presentation materials.

July 14, 2015

There's no reason agents should have to spend hours agonizing over complex design software, meticulously choosing fonts, colors, and layouts. After all, their primary focus should be on customers.

Here is a list of five platforms that will help your team create listing presentations, social media branding, brochures, and property marketing materials. They promise ease of use, offering turnkey designs and templates as well as full customization options.

Even if you have in-house marketing staff, you can still take advantage of these resources. From producing sharable infographics to customizing a YouTube page, these creative platforms are up to any task you throw at them.

1. Canva

This online tool isn’t just about designing flyers or business cards. Whether your agents are looking to market listings or their personal brand, with Canva they can create designs for a variety of marketing needs. Think Facebook cover images, Instagram posts, Twitter and YouTube branding, postcards, presentations, and more. Agents can use Canva to create branded, professional CMAs and brochures that will impress sellers. Canva has an extensive library of modern graphics and images. Or upload your own photos, logos, charts, or graphs. Canva provides help with layout, fonts, color schemes, and more with a simple drag and drop interface. Price: Free

2. Google Slides

Create presentations that sync with any computer or device using Google Slides, an online presentation application. Users can also embed video and animations into presentations, and choose from a variety of themes and fonts. Convert Powerpoint files into Google Slides and vice versa. This is a great tool for brokers and managers who lead meetings and training sessions. Google Slides is part of the Google Apps suite, which is integrated with Google Drive. But what really sets Google Slides apart is that it offers real-time collaboration, so that multiple people can work on a file at the same time. Price: Free

3. Haiku Deck

Don't worry — you don't have to be a poetry expert to use Haiku Deck. This online presentation application lets you create an image-based slide show or “deck” that you can pull up on any device. Haiku Deck uses three words to describe its presentation philosophy: simple, beautiful, and fun. Haiku Deck recently launched Zuru, which automatically lays out all your slides and images for you, so there’s not even a need to choose colors, layouts, or images. All you need to do is upload your presentation outline. Price: Zuru is currently on preorder for $30 per year (will be $60/year), but a basic account with Haiku Deck is free.

4. Piktochart

Infographics are a visually appealing way to communicate data and information to current and potential clients. Piktochart provides infographic templates, charts, graphs, and maps. Upload data from an Excel file or a Google spreadsheet. Piktochart has more than 2,000 graphics you can add to your design, or you can upload your own. Create a newsletter, market your community, or gather market stats to share on social channels. The uses are limitless. Price: Free for a basic plan. A pro account is $29 per month and includes extra infographic templates, more cloud storage space for uploading your own images, enhanced privacy, and watermark removal.

5. Present.me

Agents are educators who teach clients about the real estate process as much as they assist in buying and selling. Present.me speaks to that skill. This online video presentation platform uses a split-screen format, with the presenter on one side of the screen and the presentation slides on the other. That way, even if clients are out-of-state, they can still visually connect with the agent who is making a pitch or explain the details of a transaction. Simply upload the presentation files (PowerPoint slides, PDFs, Google Docs, or Prezi), then hit the record button and walk through the slides using a webcam. Edit mistakes, and embed the final product on your website as a video or send them via e-mail. Videos can also be designated private and secured by a password. Price: Starts at $17.95 per month.

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